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It’s not always that I can be creative when I want, however much I may think and strive, the ideas just don’t come or they’re not quite what I’m looking for. Sometimes, however, ideas just come to me out of the blue or at moments when I least expect them. Today I had one of those exciting thunderbolt moments and I had to act immediately or miss more than just enjoying drawing and exploring possibilities. This is because today’s post is more than a chance to share an unexpected idea I had, it is also my entry to win a place at the twice sold out Blogcademy happening in London in the New year. The Blogcademy is run by three inspiring and creative bloggers: Rock n Roll Bride (Kat), Nubby Twiglet (Shauna) and Gala Darling, they each have their own unique inspiring styles of approach and seem to all have that curiosity, creativity and open-ness that I find appealing.


Ever since I heard they had a scholarship place I was thinking about how I should attempt to apply, but everything seemed too boring, way too ambitious or simply just not me so I’d let it out of my mind and then….the three blogging Graces sprang into my mind. Goddesses of charm, beauty and creativity,  Aglaea(“Splendour”), Euphrosyne (“Mirth”), and Thalia (“Good Cheer”) are three women/goddesses to admire and hold as role models and I thought it both appropriate and a bit of fun*.  Since one of the things that makes me and what I do unique from other dress designers is the way I draw figures like the people they represent, I thought it only right to work in a way that feels natural and enjoyable and expresses something about who I am and how I work (I love to draw, it’s one of my favourite things in life). I could immediately see these three inspirational ladies dressed in their own bespoke dresses, enjoying the best that silks and sparkle can offer and so I cleared the diary and sat down to draw. The chance to get in on something like the Blogcademy is too good to miss, if I don’t get in, at least I’ve given it my own unique best and enjoyed myself in the process…

The 3 Blogcademy Graces


Without a design consultation I’m drawing from my own tastes and ideas, but who knows, I hope I have captured something of the ladies I’m designing for. I’ve gone for my favourite jewel colours as these ladies deserve something rich and gorgeous and from their own words I get the impression they’re not afraid to stand out from the crowd.


On the left is Shauna in a slinky deep blackcurrant purple silk crepe (or maybe for something more glitzy, some matte sequinned or heavily beaded fabric) trimmed with black lace and purple and black crystal stars and studs for a rich three dimensional texture. I imagine this dress with a high boat neck and it to be all about the wiggle in her walk (I’m imagining some gorgeous towering heels under that skirt)


Centre of the group is Kat resplendent in her trademark pink. I thought about red or green but my fuschia pink pencil would not be held back (also, I have a piece of pink silk in my studio calling to me to be made into something like this so it’s at the forefront of my mind). The taffeta bodice is corseted and draped in pleats and folds that wrap around the body and then fall in heavy folds to the ground and trimmed with stars, feathers and organza to keep it light and playful and add that all important touch of divine sparkle. I imagine Kat could really make this dress look good and take charge of that sweeping full skirt rather than the other way around.


On the right is Gala in a cheeky little frothy star-strewn, layered-tulle number with a ruffled petticoat for extra bounce and volume. A silk sash defines the waist and adds some solid rich colour against the layered shades of blue tulle. Her tights are lace and for some reason in my drawing Gala’s boots have become more super-heroine fantasy than her usual pair, but hey, why not?

All three Graces have been crowned with flowers and stars because there’s nothing like a bit of natural floral perfume and sparkle is always in style when you’re a goddess. If these three blogging graces would prefer something else, more uniquely them, I’d love to spend some quality design time with them and really find out what makes their eyes light up with joy. Alternatively, I’d be incredibly happy to join them in January and learn all about how I could make my blog so much more if only they care to invite me!


As I’m always saying, no challenge should be faced without a little charm and a lot of style….

Fingers crossed it works x


*The collective name for the three graces is Charis from which we get both the word charity and charisma. Extra appropriate given the cirmcumstances, right?


  1. omg Faith this is awesome! you got our likenesses DOWN

    • Well, it helps when there’s good photos to work from! It’s fun to make three such gorgeous girls play fantasy dress-up :) maybe we could create yours for Niemierko’s next big party…

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