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Dress 'Ella' Photograph by Paul White

I have just emerged from a particularly intense and  busy few weeks  and now I’m feeling a little dazed and confused, with a list as long as my arm of things I need to get on with (I have very long arms). I emerge from a period of intensity with a long list of things that have slipped by the wayside as well as all those things, both business and pleasure, that I planned to do when more time became available. At this rate I may never have much spare time, but it’s not all bad when you enjoy the work you do. My time lately has been jam packed with designing, wedding fairs, business planning, sewing, photo shoots, planning for photo shoots, planning for wedding fairs, sewing, industry networking events, travelling, personal and business challenges, more sewing, finding new people to help me with the sewing, delivering dresses with a “goodbye, enjoy and good luck” to clients who have become friends, and oh so much more. I would have to check my diary to tell you when any of these things happened and who I was with, because it feels like the time passed in a blink of an eye and yet simultaneously was many months of my life. Having the time to stop and appreciate everything is something I am still learning how to do. 

I am not the kind of person that needsto have a million things going on in my life, I like having space to enjoy the moment before me. I enjoy cycling a little slower than necessary if the evening is particularly pleasant, or stopping to look closely at some flowers growing in an unexpected place. I also enjoy being able to spend quality time with people, giving them my full attention and without clock watching, but sadly this hasn’t always been possible lately. Much of my spare time has been spent eating, sleeping and soaking aches and pains away in hot baths. I don’t say this in an attention-seeking, woe-is-me way, I want to acknowledge that having had so many opportunities in such a short space of time has been very exciting and inspiring, and as well as this, there are few things as lovely as a true day of leisure after a jam packed week. I do enjoy spending a few quiet hours reading, or maybe working on some knitting or patchwork, and there is nothing like cooking something tasty and sharing it with friends and telling the tales of magic happening behind the scenes at a photo shoot or the romance and hope of a beautiful wedding.

Dresses Nina and Ella Photographs by Paul White

There have been times when I wish I hadn’t said yes to so much in such short periods of time (especially when I’ve had to drop out of parties or my husband hasn’t seen me for yonks except when acting as my chauffeur or chef) but when the hard work and effort comes to fruition, I feel an amazing sense of gladness. Working with fellow professionals who understand the challenges and joys of working for ourselves, and receiving their good opinion and support is wonderful, especially when I had only a year or two ago I had admired them from afar. Seeing my clients smile with joy when they wear the dress I designed for them is worth more to me than I can express, and knowing that I have been instumental in helping them to achieve their dreams is such an honour.  I love designing and I love being a positive part of people’s lives; how many jobs are there where clients positively look forward to seeing you?

Photograph by Paul White

The photographs above were all taken by Paul White, a lovely photographer who not only takes gorgeous pictures himself, he also helps other photographers to learn and improve their technique by running workshops. Paul asked me if I would lend him a few dresses for a lighting workshop back in March and these are the wonderful results. The first time I saw these images I was blown away. Having met Paul back in December and seen first hand how he worked, I knew the pictures were going to be good, but my expectations were exceeded. He gathered a great little team together to make the workshop as good as possible and I am proud to be associated with them.  The beautiful model Kirsty (who I have been lucky enough to work with a few times recently) was photographed at Fetcham Park near Leatherhead, her hair styled by the charming Severin Hubert and her make up done by the creative Elbie van Eeden.

Here’s to many more wonderful opportunities and the time and energy to make the most of them!

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  1. Beautifully honest, humble and written post. Well done on all of your achievements Faith, not least for having a true skill and talent and for being such alovely person. The shoot and images look gorgeous and I can wholeheartedly relate to your points ofn busy-ness and appreciating the moment! xx

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