Striving for perfection

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I’m trying to hard to write beautiful words that people will want to read and because I spend so long striving for perfection I am frustrated when I don’t achieve it. I’m working away and yet not sharing the results because the perfect turn of phrase eludes me or my grammar is less than I would like; the shadows in the photograph aren’t as aesthetically pleasing as I’d hoped or the illustration has a smudge. My notebook is full of unpublished blog articles and sketches that no one but me has seen and I don’t share them because I’m afraid. Of what exactly is not entirely clear, but surely it is better to do and learn from experience than to forever be wishing things were different? So, I shall lower my standards in my attempts to improve them.


  1. Perfectly written Faith x

  2. I love the way that you write and the only way to do good work is to let yourself be… crap! No one starts off good at anything; most of the fun is learning what’s the phrase ‘mistakes make masters’.

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